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        Article: 'Research Pod'

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        Article: Uncomfortably Numb

Date:: 5/2/2013 12:00:00 AM
        Article: Sometimes it is always is the first monographic exhibition of Mexico City, based artist Ale de la Puente that explores the continuity of time and space of both the micro and macro invisible world we inhabit. Deeply engaged and interested in the physics of nuclear sciences, astronomy and navigation, the artist questions: How can we perceive things just sometimes? Are we able to perceive always everything that language cannot communicate? Almost in search of a dislocated language without the need to express an emotion, her practice combines conceptualism, multimedia, technology and science, revealing a meticulous even ritual process, with subtle objects emerging from the apparently unknown. The exhibition includes installations, sculptural objects, photographs and video with the artist purporting that sometimes, every day, every hour, minute, second, …every moment, just an instant, can be perceived as something that just happens sometimes. As sometimes happens always, … always is the uni

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        Article: Transcendental Evocations e catalogue

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        Article: Cardinal Meridians: New Geometries of the Infinite

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        Article: PUNCTUM II - ACritical Look At Landscape In South Asian Photography

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        Article: The Lost Museum

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        Article: Eye etc......

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        Article: ” Without form, it can never be known. Within form, it can never be found." Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Sajjad Ahmed’s first monographic exhibition in India “Always Forever Now" presents a fine line between 'real' and 'real-looking', holding possibilities of being representative of moments when reality corresponds to the composition of a painting. His work contains paradoxes combined together forming an experience where aesthetics become the content, holding abstraction and representation within the same surface; addressing fullness and emptiness of life. The superfluity of words and images, in the realm of today's world, substantiates the current times as times of "being and nothingness” in which the near perfect images is marred by a plethora of skyscapesstipped to create a break in the image in which representation and abstraction co exist on the same surface. BIOSaajad Ahmed is an artist living and working in Pakistan, who has shown widely all over the world. His work addresses a diver

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        Article: Transcendental Evocations e catalogue

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        Article: Architecture and the analysis of its structures is the crux of German artist Alke Reeh practice wherein the artist views architecture as a form of sculpture itself. In this exhibition, she uses pleating a classical leitmotif in sculpture examining the Interior / exterior as well as the negative/ positive spaces that it inhabits. One witness the sewed stalactite cupolas, geometrical forms, hanging in some parts precisely along the folds, in others collapsing in on itself like a sack, suddenly becoming more reminiscent of textiles than of architecture. Analysis and Association contain sewed fabric installations; embroidered photos and sculpture works always finding universal forms to be shared by all epochs and cultures. For the artist, this is an attribution of function as a reference within a system of references to which we continually go back in order to try to understand the world that surrounds us. Alke Reeh studied metal design at Fachhochschule Hildesheim (1981 - 84), and from 19

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