Curating Environments that produce rhizomatic networks
of knowledge exchange through art and philosophy.
        Apr27- Jun,30,2016

Face Off: Irony and Humour in a Critical Age
        Jan22- Mar,31,2016

Analysis and Association - Analogies of Form
        Dec03- Jan,20,2016

Sometimes it is always
        Oct15- Nov,28,2015

Always, Forever, Now
        Aug13- Sep,20,2015

Leftover Love and Other Stories
        Apr15- Jun,30,2015

History is...
        Jul24- Sep,30,2014

Drawing from the Present
        Mar06- Jun,30,2014

LeTtHe bRAinFly - Immersive Environment
        Nov28- Feb,15,2014

Transcendental Evocations
        Sep04- Nov,09,2013

Miss Butterfly
        May02- Aug,15,2013

Uncomfortably Numb : Investigating the Uncanny in Contemporary Times
        Mar13- Mar,29,2013

        Jan10- Mar,09,2013

eye etc
        Jan15- Feb,15,2013

        Nov08- Dec,31,2012

Dance of the Retina
        Sep06- Oct,14,2012

The Invisible Hand Guides Us All to Our Gainful End
        Jul29- Aug,29,2012

Research Pod @ Lakeeren
        Apr11- May,31,2012

Cardinal Meridians: New Geometries of the Infinite
        Feb09- Mar,31,2012

THE LOST MUSEUM The Fate of World’s Greatest Lost Treasures
        Jan12- Feb,06,2012

        Oct21- Dec,31,2011

They Said it Was Love . . .
        Sep08- Oct,09,2011

Winding Time: Objects, Drwings and Video Art1
        Jun22- Jul,22,2011

The Second Sex: New Feminist Photography on the Cusp
        Nov27- Jan,31,2011

Kal / Tomorrow Monographic exhibition of Anita Dube
        Sep24- Oct,23,2010

Even Infinity takes Time A monographic exhibition Of Waqas Khan
        Aug07- Sep,07,2010

Indian Life-An Archeological Change
        Mar22- Jun,30,2010

        May15- May,05,2010

PUNCTUM II - A Critical Look At Landscape In South Asian Photography
        Dec17- Jan,30,2010

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air - Indian Contemporary Art In Global Times