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Leftover Love and Other Stories
13 Aug 2015 -20 Sep 2015
In Leftover Love and Other Stories, Elena Pereira a Bangalore based artist attends to the struggle of life's demands contemplated within one’s private living space. For her the home is where we refresh ourselves on a daily basis, ready to go out in the world. How can we remove ourselves from the staleness of our past intimacies and vulnerabilities to start anew is what she is trying to understand. Calling attention to the impermanence of life itself, she uses nature as a muse, destroying flowers - capturing their imprint as an essence before they disappear forever. Harvesting a desire for capturing and preserving life, the artist imprints these precious moments on wallpapers, fabrics, onto our beds, table, lamp, carpet and kitchen.

Hidden narratives of objects and imaginations

The force of destruction is life

In the striving for perfection

A wild burst

objects ; reflect the destructive life force between the now and then.

Flowers forever in bloom

It will ( I promise ) last forever .

Desire to shelter

To come home

domestication of products

tracings, the living space

new fortunate memory

captured and extracted

like a beautiful stain

remnands in smell

remnands of touch

Remnants of feelings

Remnants of those daily things

- Elena Pereira