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History is...
15 Apr 2015 -30 Jun 2015
History is ... is an exhibition based on the premise of Walter Benjamin's Theses on the Philosophy of History (XVI) where he suggests "History is the subject of a structure whose site is not homogenous, empty time, but time filled by the presence of the now. [Jetztzeit]. The same leap in the open air of history is the dialectical one, which is how Marx understood the revolution.”[1]

In this exhibition each artist’s respond their own understanding of time and temporality within their practice. In shifting from Benjamin’s proposition of continuous time made up of identical and interchangeable units such as minutes, seconds, hours and days to messianic time or “historic time” which is ruptured with intensive experience filled with the presence of the “now” combines experiences of immediacy and eternity. In this exhibition each of the artist’s through his/ her work seeks to find this moment through their work.