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of knowledge exchange through art and philosophy.
LeTtHe bRAinFly - Immersive Environment
06 Mar 2014 -30 Jun 2014
‘Let tHe bRAinFly’ is an immersive environment which charts a surreal journey of the evolution within the invisible neuron-scape. The visual landscape is made up of a mélange of experiments in collage, live action, hand drawn, paint on film presented as a visual story-board. The artist through these renditions culls collages of the timeless world, and poetically draws inherent correlations between the self and the various dimensions of the cultural diaphragm.

The brain transgresses through the body which is capable of creating, destroying, feeling, evolving and reconfiguring itself. It decides to unplug its cultural programming (or awakens to the fact of constant programming), and purely indulges in the senses. It accepts its sexuality and duality of existence and evolves with each painful birth. It goes through acceptance of life as it is, in its naturalness, and lives in its totality. This journey is the unlearning of fear and prejudices, and progressing past fragmentation and the acceptance of love. It is within this body of blood, flesh and bones is hidden that is beyond the body. In the form lives the formless; in the visible lives the invisible.

The main protagonist is an entity, a fly called "brain fly", that morphs according to the environment it is in. The brain travels dimensions through vaginal portals. It mutates morphs and evolves, to adapt, every time there is a change in environment. The heterosexual aspect and gender duality gradually become obsolete during the journey, which turns into a queer space of chaotic and non-static genders. The more the fly travels, the more it transgresses gender and becomes freed from worldly obstacles such as egocentrism and biological gender restraints.