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Transcendental Evocations
28 Nov 2013 -15 Feb 2014
Transcendental Evocations, the first show of Mexican art in Mumbai, re-connects a relationship between the two nations India and Mexico that began as early as 1950s with Mexican Nobel prizewinning novelist Octavia Paz. In his book “ Light of India”, published in 1995, Paz intensely engages the issue of “time.” Taking cue from Paz, the participating artist’s some of whom are Mexican, others who are living and working or associated with Mexico explore a connection of space & time that evokes a metaphysical connection between Mexico & India. Given the transcendental approach, the works in the exhibition makes visible in regard to Mexico that are not commonly addressed. For example the video of Eric Meyenberg Taxonomical-Comparative Study… that investigates the issue of racism in Mexico evoked through various colors and amalgamation of sounds, or Maximo Gonzalez installation whose rice grains “ I’m hungry” alludes to hunger that is everywhere, which we choose not to see. Ale de la Puente ‘s glass bottle Suspension of Disbelief, & video It was like that… seeks to investigate the infinite or the universe itself looking to create metaphors that let us experience the presence of the invisible.

Lorena Mal’s video and drawings Resonance: Sound Trace, invokes historical memory through sound of bells in Mexico City, referring to the specific politics embedded within the memory where their role has shifted from the religious to the social and now the political context. Armando Miguelez a Spanish artist’s Edificabilidad’s closely association with Mexico City and Mumbai, through his architectural portrayal of the cities evokes, a haptic connection between the two, moving away from the materiality of the structure to a transcend into a felt existential premise. Performance artist Roberto de la Torre in a similar manner, comments on Mexico City’s seismic activity evoking the illusion of the same through a simple act of opening and closing 69 Windows in a hotel. Therefore the ex