Curating Environments that produce rhizomatic networks
of knowledge exchange through art and philosophy.
13 Mar 2013 -29 Mar 2013
VIA NEGATIVA-- Recognizes (philosophically and materially), the first trace of a photograph on the negative. That intermediary, luminal ground through which every analog photograph must pass- like a rite of passage. The eye travels through the white void inside the open mouth; then through the carnal grip of hunger that bites into it; and then, via this negative terrain, emerges as the luminous moon inside the mouth. In the photographic negative, the black of the pupil appears white. Such chance elements are the djinns that release fantastic suggestions and stories….One such story is while Krishna was narrating the 'Gita' to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, he sensed Arjuna's doubt. At that point he opened his mouth and the whole cosmos (brahmand) was visible inside.