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Dance of the Retina
08 Nov 2012 -31 Dec 2012
Waqas Khan’s in Dance of the Retina, continues his engagement with Bardhakhat, a Mughal miniature painting technique, but challenges himself to find an individual and contemporary reflection echoing is own time. Using a 1 mm rapidography pen, the artists conjures dots and lines, so nuanced invisible to the eye, almost like a magicien, making these forms appear that dance or move to their own rhythm, embodying their own “jouissance,” or energy.

The artist’s practice in its entirety could be viewed as a timeless interstitial engagement, wherein these constellations journey to seek an expanded encounter with the universal, or to question an infinite relationship with themselves. Perhaps much like a koan, in constant search for the world, the artist’s work informs the viewer to look inward in order to reflect on his or her own subjectivity and encounter their unknown self.