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They Said it Was Love . . .
21 Oct 2011 -31 Dec 2011
" They Said it Was Love …”

Paintings by Imran Quershi & Atif Khan

Opening 21st October

Show contines until 31st December 2011

In the exhibition “They Said it Was Love …” two Lahore based artists Imran Quershi and Atif Khan contemplate the fine line that seperates love and hate. Drawing on nature as a motif, both artists have extended the traditional techniques of miniature painting and print making in a contemporary way in order to characterize the violent environment of our times. In Quershi’s paintings, one witnesses the delicate lotus petals turn to flaming red splatter that reflects an “aesthetic violence,” that include war and ethnic cleansing that have become common place in our lives. Similarly, Khan’s work seems to convey harmony until, on closer scutiny houseflies, ants and eyes suddenly become visible and gaze back at the viewer, subverting their original context, like a tromp de oeil communicating the artist’s world view. Although, Quershi’s blood filled motifs and Khan’s pandora box reveal an under belly-- the macabre, both their work suggest the potential of love to conquer in the end, allowing us to strengthen our convictions in order to persist in our individual journey of life and work towards a hopeful future.