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Indian Life-An Archeological Change
07 Aug 2010 -07 Sep 2010
Change is inevitable. In questioning the transformation

that have taken place in India in the last 60 years,

Saikat Surai, a Kolkata based artist, juxtaposes archival,

photographic images of the fast vanishing cityscapes

alongside the painted images of modern technology

and contemporary Indian life. Similarly ,Sanjay Singh,

a Patna based artist, captures the vibrancy and

hustle- bustle of the Indian metropolis in his colorful

canvases. Although, Singh’s work appears jocund, it

carries with it a sense of loss and the burden of everyday

living, in which the old world machines take on a human

persona. Indian Life-An Archeological Change, focuses on our

disappearing past, making us contemplate the embodiment

of our present values and our notion of progress.