Curating Environments that produce rhizomatic networks
of knowledge exchange through art and philosophy.
Indian Art Fair
Date 25/01/2012 To 29/01/2012
Time 11:00AM To 9:00PM
Description : Indian Art Fair - 2012
India Art Fair
Date 01/02/2013 To 03/02/2013
Time 11:00AM To 9:00PM
Description : India Art Fair - 2013
Date 28/01/2016 To 31/01/2016
Time 3:00PM To 7:00PM
Description : Hello Delhi! we are at the India Art Fair, 2016 with the works of Ale de la Puente, Alke Reeh, Anita Dube, Krishen Khanna, Nandita Kumar, Sajjad Ahmed, Waqas Khan in Booth C2. See you soon amigos!
Art Dubai
Date 16/03/2016 To 19/03/2016
Time 4:00PM To 9:30PM
Description : We are at the Art Dubai fair, 2016 with the works of Alke Reeh, Anita Dube, Nandita Kumar, Parul Gupta, Shaurya Kumar, Sharmila Samant and Waqas Khan in Booth E10. See you there.